Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need to start posting

After a long hiatus, I need to get back to posting blog entries!
Its an exiting year for video and platforms that support it. The market is getting crowded but with enough space for all. But the main point is that video is finally seeing light of day - increased viewership, ad spend. The projections are
  • $500 M in 08 ad spend in video
  • $908M in 09 video ad spend
  • highest year over year growth for any ad spend medium in the internet
  • Finally, online video ad spend is moving out of the generic new media/internet line item to become its own or take portion of the TV ad budget!

Video share being so fragmented, its a good time for platform providers.

I really wish that comScore, Nielsen would start measuring monetizable videos vs. total stream usage. The latter puts YouTube way ahead of others (45% market share) but its % of monetizable video (ability to run video ads inline/instream) is much smaller.


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