Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's all the hype about?

So, I decided to give a swirl at the latest video offerings from Veoh, Joost, and Babelgum.

Veoh sources videos from both syndicated sources and other web sites (e.g. YouTube, Yahoo! video, etc). Joost and Babelgum carry syndicated content only . Here are my initial comments:
  • It's still beta software! I'd a ton of trouble getting any content successfully from Joost. Babelgum doesn't work in Vista.
  • Voeh is by far the best in terms of streaming video. Also, Veoh has built in some good social networking features.
  • Joost seems to be bringing TV to the PC. Well, is that what we are looking for? Getting the same ol' TV channels on our PC. I'm all for UGC content and social networking features.



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