Sunday, July 15, 2007

Internet Video - a survey

One area of great interest to me is internet video and various avenues to monetize it. I researched a couple of sites to get some very interesting data points on usage of internet video, here goes:

Internet video playback fall into three key categories - progressive download, streaming video, and P2P. Most of the video playback is in the first category - progressive download. Streaming video is used mainly to display live events. P2P is relatively new and is being pushed by companies such as Joost, Babelgum, Microsoft LiveStation.

Statistics on internet video usage
(from ComScore Data Jan 2007 & Accustream reports)
  • Total online video streams - 7.2 Billion streams / month. This includes user generated content (UGC) and entertainment & media sites.
  • Non-UGC content streaming was 24.92 billion streams in 2006. This constitutes around 1/3 of total streamed in a year. That is a 39% growth over the previous year.
  • Music video constitute around 35% of all entertainment & media streaming (non-UGC streams) in 2006.
  • News video constitute around 23% of all streams in 2006
  • Total audience size - 122 Million (70% of US internet households)
  • Average stream time - 2.6 minutes
  • Average viewing - 2 videos / day
  • Monthly viewing - 151 min / month
  • Daypart viewing schedule - highest from 5pm - 8pm on weekdays - 60% relatively higher than other day parts; 7pm - 11 pm on weekends - 30% relatively higher
  • YouTube - 65% market share. Yahoo! Video - 5%

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