Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mobile & Social and Advertising

Are mobile and social related in a consumer mind? I think so; when we talk to advertisers, I hear the following - "how do I make my campaign work in social media". If I dig into this, by social - they mean not only facebook and twitter but mobile devices as well - smartphones, iPAD and its upcoming clones.

And consumers (end-users) think the same. They are not doing technical differentiation as we, Silicon Valley folks do - social media is the site while smartphone is a platform to deliver the message. Nope, the consumers don't differentiate it, for them all of these are channels to get the information about their friends, share messages, get relevant messages delivered to them.

So, ad campaigns for social must be tailored to not only facebook and twitter but all mobile devices as well. I call these new media advertising. This give advertisers the greatest ROI - most bang for the buck.

In effective advertisers are following the audience, as they shift from reading (portals like Yahoo) and searching (Google) to engaging. The latter being serviced by facebook, twitter, smartphones, and mobile devices.
Welcome to the new world.

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Rajinder Gupta said...

Absolutely agree. Read somewhere recently 76% of earth population has access to mobile phone. This is the place to focus if you want to target them.